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28 April – World day for safety and health at work


As the ILO suggested the theme for the 2019 World Day for Safety and Health at Work is: ‘Safety and Health and the Future of Work’.

The ILO’s Global Committee’s ‘Laboring for the better future’ report on labor’s future, informing of the transitional stages that require effective actions on part of world’s governments, employer and employee organizations, was held on January 22, 2019 at ILO headquarters, Geneva.

Among the ten suggestions listed in the report are the following: individual labor security, rights of the employees, sufficient minimum wage, general employment security, OHS, guaranteed social security from birth to retirement, secured life-long education right and many more.

According to ILO, over 2 million people die yearly of work-related illnesses caused by inconsistent labor conditions and disregarding the safety regulations.

With that in mind, it should be noted that informing employees of the work-related trauma and sickness consequences and regional data on the matter is a relevant act for all the government and trade union departments.

Yearly procedures regarding the world day for safety and health at work with trade unions participation comes with direct workplace actions involving specialists such as labor security engineers and technical supervisors. These are aiming to maintain and secure working conditions, protective individual equipment, safety regulations awareness etc. Named maintenance procedures are carried out directly at production sites and plants of gas and oil, energy and construction industries.

Among the various massive procedures held by trade unions should be noted the special social tradition of making a Remembrance Day for the deceased workers. The goal of this day is to pay respects to the memory of those who died at work and to cease all the future risks for the employees.

Safe working conditions, social and health security have always been topics in priority for ROGWU. The completion of these goals is viewed by Russian professional oil and gas and construction industries trade union employees as a vital move. It is designed to increase the labor security and the possibility to get the government’s, workers’, employers’ and people’s attention to the need to reduce sickness, trauma and work-related casualty rate.

ROGWU calls upon the nomenclature organizations’ members to take part in the World Day for Safety and Health at Work celebration acts, as well as the workers’ Remembrance Day, in order to contribute to labor security campaign for the oil and gas industry workers.

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